Inclusive Baseline Standards

Institutional Standards for Inclusive Learning and Teaching

The following statements have been devised by the Inclusive Learning and Teaching Development Group and are based on guidance from the Department for Education. The statements create a framework for reviewing current practice and support both Student Education and Internationalisation Strategies. The University’s Taught Student Education Board have agreed to work towards embedding these standards in all taught student education provision. 

During academic years 2019-21, schools will be reviewing existing approaches to inclusive learning & teaching. Following on from this, local action plans will be developed at school level to help meet the Baselines.

Baseline Standard 1

We will ensure that all learning and teaching practices, activities, and supporting materials, can be used by all students. (Reasonable adjustments may still be required in some circumstances.)

Baseline Standard 1: What does it cover?

Baseline Standard 2

We will release materials in advance so that students have sufficient time to engage with them prior to scheduled sessions.

Baseline Standard 3

We will ensure that there is an appropriate range of assessment methods at a programme level, and that the language used in assessment tasks is clear.

Baseline Standard 4

We will ensure that colleagues with marking responsibilities are up to date with the inclusive marking policy.

Baseline Standard 5

The University will support staff to achieve these baseline standards.

Baseline Standard 6

Schools will identify academic inclusivity leads to help embed guidance in local contexts.


Last updated: 20/07/21