Inclusive Teaching at Leeds

Our commitment to embedding inclusivity

At the University of Leeds inclusion is one of our core values. We plan to ensure that teaching meets the needs of our diverse student population. To do this, we need to take steps to eliminate disadvantage resulting from:

  • linguistic
  • educational
  • cultural backgrounds
  • as well as anticipating the learning needs of students with common disabilities.

What is inclusive learning and teaching?

Taking an inclusive approach can often require a mindset shift in the way we plan, design and deliver our teaching, as well as how we assess achievement. It is also about recognising and welcoming difference and ensuring that all students feel equally valued.  

There is no one way to be inclusive. As technology advances and we, as a society, become more aware of inequalities, we need to be open to evolving and adapting our approach to inclusivity.

Jenny Brady, Project Lead- Inclusivity, Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE) 


Inclusive Learning and Teaching Development (ILTD) Working Group

The group was established in 2016 as a collaboration between Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) and Disability Services, and includes representation from a range of services, schools and faculties, as well as the Leeds University Union. This ensures a wide range of expertise and perspectives on matters relating to inclusive practice and student experience. The group is led by Jenny Brady from the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE), with support from Professor Paul Taylor, Chair of the working group and Dean for Student Education (Experience) . Strategic oversight is provided by the University’s Student Success and Experience Strategy Group.

Current and previous membership of the Inclusive Learning and Teaching Development working group:

  • Bee Bond, Language Centre
  • Jenny Brady, Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (Project Lead)
  • Harriet Cannon, Disability Services
  • Chloe Elliot, Leeds University Union
  • Claire Flegg, Disability Services
  • James Hartford, Disability Services
  • Emma Healey, Leeds University Union
  • Jacqui Houghton, School of Earth and Environment
  • David Ireland, School of Music
  • Felix Janeway, Lifelong Learning Centre
  • Beth Johnson, School of Media and Communication (Chair and Academic Lead November 2017 – January 2020)
  • Giles Moss, School of Media and Communication
  • Rachel Myers, Skills@Library
  • Rebecca O’Loughlin, Academic Practice Team (OD&PL)
  • Ruth Payne, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies
  • Tamsin Scott, Leeds University Union
  • Michael Thomas, Learning Technologies Team (Library)
  • Kirsten Thompson, Digital Practice Team (OD&PL)
  • Niamh Tooher, Quality Assurance Team
  • Gemma Turner, Leeds University Union and Disability Services
  • Terri Watkins, Student Support, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures
  • Paul Taylor, Dean: Student Education (Experience)- Chair of working group January 2020- present
  • Laila Fletcher, Leeds University Union
  • Xiaojun Lai, School of Process and Chemical Engineering
  • Valerie Farnsworth, School of Medicine
  • Nina Wardleworth, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies
  • Steve Gleadall, Educational Engagement
  • David Pearce, School of Law
  • Jane Dalton, Academic Practice Team (OD&PL)

Many thanks to members of the group for their valued contributions to the project so far.


Last updated: 20/07/20