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Being Inclusive VS Reasonable Adjustments

Being Inclusive...VS reasonable adjustments

We should aim to design and deliver student education in a way that suits the broadest range of learners possible. This is what is meant by an "inclusive approach". When we make adjustments as recommended for individual disabled students, these are known as "reasonable adjustments". In this video, Harriet Cannon from the Disability Advisory Team explains the difference.

Staff perspective: Being inclusive VS reasonable adjustments

Guide to Disability, Reasonable Adjustments and Competence Standards


Staff Guide: Disability, reasonable adjustments and competence standards (opens in MS Word)


This guide covers

  • what we mean by disability
  • an overview of the University's duties to disabled people
  • an explanation of reasonable adjustments
  • an explanation of competence standards
  • the link between reasonable adjustments, competence standards and assessment
  • advice on how to identify and communicate competence standards

Last updated: 14/11/22